Let’s Make Hawthorn Tincture!

What a perfect day! I finally found time this morning to have a leisurely wander through the woods of Frankendael, seeking out the most pleasantly scented Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) trees. I was not disappointed! The flowers and leaves of this heart toning tree always taste good to me. Munched on a late spring walk, not … Continue reading Let’s Make Hawthorn Tincture!

Danish Hawthorn recipes and simple Haw Honey Syrup

Some time ago Amalie and Daniel joined me for a herb walk alongside Park Frankendael. One of the plants which was in bloom at the time was Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna). Amalie knew the berries from Denmark and kindly sent me some recipes to try and share. Hawthorn is in fruit right now, it is a … Continue reading Danish Hawthorn recipes and simple Haw Honey Syrup

Images of autumn

I’ve been busy with all sorts since my last post. There’s a little competition at the end of this one for those able to get to Amsterdam who fancy trying for a free Herbology Walk in Amsterdam oost. Work (school) has been lively. We’re fully open and yet the rest of the world seems to … Continue reading Images of autumn


A few photos and short comments today as we rapidly approach Beltane, the festival of early summer. This week, the Lime trees which line many Amsterdam streets, burst into leaf. I love to eat these leaves, they have a mild flavour, are not tough and they bring many nutritional and medicinal uses. The trees in … Continue reading April

7 Day Challenge

Push Your Boundaries Voluntary hardship is an enriching thing. It takes us to new places and teaches us much about ourselves. I challenge you to make your life a tiny bit harder for just one week, for the benefit of your health, your knowledge, your self-reliance and our community. And that community is the planet. … Continue reading 7 Day Challenge

Day 1- UH foraging challenge

My 30 day foraging challenge is underway and already I’ve received lots of lovely photos from people who have signed up for the challenge in the Netherlands,  Northern Ireland and England. Am looking forward to receiving more! Burdock, daisy,  wild garlic,  chickweed, hawthorn leaf,  dandelion, cherry blossom,  garlic mustard,  ground elder,  rose leaf,  mugwort, honeysuckle, … Continue reading Day 1- UH foraging challenge