Lime leaves & flowers – sandwiches, scented water and drying (NL:Linden, Tilia)

Yesterday I walked to a local public garden and harvested a carrier bag full of leaf and blossom sprigs from Lime/Linden (Tilia) trees.  These trees smell great at the moment. Whole neighbourhoods are perfumed by Lime flowers, loaded with nectar to attract hoards of bees. If you pluck clean a clean lime flower from a … Continue reading Lime leaves & flowers – sandwiches, scented water and drying (NL:Linden, Tilia)

Lime (NL:Linden) for Magical Midsummer Happiness

City bees are dizzy with happiness at present. The sweet perfume of Lime (NL:Linden, Tilia spp.) trees fills the air in many streets and parks, attracting bees from far and wide.  This tree looks wonderful, can grow to a stately height, is great for wildlife and it’s flowers are used to make the best herb … Continue reading Lime (NL:Linden) for Magical Midsummer Happiness

Winter Solstice Walk

Saturday 18th December 202113.00 – 14.30Park Frankendael, Amsterdam€15 per person (my apprentices – free)Booking through Meetup As we approach the shortest day of the year, I invite you to join me for a wander around the woody parts of Park Frankendael. We will be looking at the edible and medicinal plants which can be found … Continue reading Winter Solstice Walk

Stoepkrijt tijd

For English click here De laatste tijd hebben een paar vrienden en familie me een zetje gegeven over deze botanische stoepkrijt die momenteel in Europa gaande is. Ann van City Plot gaf me gisteravond een zetje, wat de laatste strohalm heeft bewezen – het is duidelijk tijd dat we beginnen met meedoen! Wil iemand meedoen … Continue reading Stoepkrijt tijd

Chalk and talk

Voor nederlands klik hier Lately, a few friends and family have nudged me about this botanical street chalking that’s going on in Europe right now. Ann from City Plot gave me a nudge last night which has proved the final straw –  it’s clearly time that we start to join in the fun! Anyone in? … Continue reading Chalk and talk


A few photos and short comments today as we rapidly approach Beltane, the festival of early summer. This week, the Lime trees which line many Amsterdam streets, burst into leaf. I love to eat these leaves, they have a mild flavour, are not tough and they bring many nutritional and medicinal uses. The trees in … Continue reading April