Green time


Blackthorn bloom, unusually with 6 petals

Well being through Nature

We are all part of nature but that is sometimes difficult to see. Ecotherapy connects us with nature and restores the balance which has become lost for so many people. Horticultural therapy is an aspect of this which uses gardening activities to help people achieve their specific goals. Mounting scientific research concludes that being in nature has a positive impact on conditions such as anxiety, depression, burn out, ADHD, autism and many chronic diseases.

Green time has emerged from many years of working therapeutically with adults and children and from my work as a green leader. I combine mindfulness, gentle coaching, herb gardening, walking and crafting to create sessions which help people to develop within nature.

Free intake consultation

Our first contact is an intake conversation, whilst out in nature or over a cup of tea. I will ask about your main issues and personal goals. You may choose to tell me about your history but that is not essential.

The aim is to find out if we connect well, if I can help you and if we would both like to work together with Green time.

Green Time Sessions

Depending upon your needs, I will plan a flexible series of sessions and activities to help you gain the most from your green time.

Before our first session,  I will explain what you should bring along and what to expect.

We meet regularly and move through that plan together,  adjusting as needed. At the end of the series of sessions, we evaluate and look at the next steps for you.

The techniques which I use to help you, come from my training in horticultural therapy,  coaching, ecotherapy, gardening,  mindfulness, reflexology, yoga and teaching.

Under the magnolia

Activities take place in nature, organic gardens and parks. They range from breathwork, walking, talking, observing wildlife and stretching, to pruning trees,   planting, willow weaving, herb crafting,  building paths and developing food forests. You will be immersed in green whatever we do and will learn a lot about nature, gardening and herbs as we journey together.  The choice of location and activity depends up on your personal needs and the season.

I will also help you to incorporate green time into your home and work schedule and can connect you with a large network of local green groups, if that interests you.

Where and when

It is always possible to engage with nature,  whatever the time of year. Green time sessions take place outdoors in beautiful places where we can breath deeply and connect with nature.  I run sessions at a few regular locations and will help you to engage with natural spaces close to your own home or workspace.


Lynn Shore

horticultural therapist and herbology teacher

I have always had a deep fascination for the natural world. I express this through teaching, writing and horticultural therapy.

My professional background is in teaching, complementary therapies, permaculture and nature education. Amsterdam has been my home for the past twelve years.

Outside of paid work I am involved in creating community gardens to increase urban food security. I enjoy yoga, meditation and walking.


To make an appointment for green time,  please call 0627596930 or email