Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker

On this new page I have begun listing links to local individuals, groups, shops and businesses which promote things that I am interested in. None of them quite fit the existing link categories but I suspect they may interest some readers…

Atma Ayurveda Natural Solutions for Radiant Health, specialized in women’s health. Insurance company approved.
Amsterdam Bee Park
Brandt & Levie Local herb sausages – very herby
Brouwmarkt.nl – Fermentation kit – zuurkool crocks, wine, yoghurt, cheese…
Cruydhoek – Seed specialist Trade only
Cook n style For Kilner jars and bottles especially, bottle brushes, cheesecloth etc.
De Hekserij – suppliers of small quantities of materials for perfumes and cosmetics. They sell useful containers for ointments etc.
Freecycle Amsterdam Facebook Group
Freecycle Amsterdam Yahoo Group

Hout van Boomen – In Amsterdam, Jan delivers green woodworking courses, makes really beautiful spoons, cups, etc.
Know Your Onions – Valerie Turner – Gardening and Private tuition
Natural Pet Food & Vet
NOPPES (NL Local Economic Trade System)
Nicole BlommersPopscene.nl – Street Art walks through Amsterdam.

River of Herbs – My volunteer gardening group


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