HWB Amsterdam

The HWB Amsterdam group is now up and running!

Are you a herbalist, complementary therapist, community garden, forager, balcony gardener, herb trader, home medicine maker, ethical hygiene/selfcare product supplier or anyone else and would you like to help people in need? We are a local-international group and we would love to hear from you!

Herbalists Without Borders (HWB) is an international network of herbalists, traditional healers, Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners, botanical medicine makers, botanical tradespeople, herb growers, farmers, ecologists, students, humanitarian aid workers, street medics, activists and others interested in the vital roles that plants play in primary health care, sustainable agriculture, trade and ecological preservation.

Chapters are regional branches consisting of a circle of volunteer members working under the umbrella of the Herbalists Without Borders non-profit organization. Chapters are dedicated to the organization and implementation of innovative projects that make a difference in overall health and wellness within their communities, states, provinces or countries.
(HWB Global)

HWB Global Mission Statement
Herbalists Without Borders vision is a global community where all people have access to affordable natural and botanical health and wellness. To bring that vision into reality, we work with community-based chapters to create educational, advocacy and grassroots model projects to fill the gaps in health justice internationally.

HWB Amsterdam – Get Involved
1. Email lynn: urban.herbology.lynn@gmail.com to express your interest. Please mention any ways you feel that you could help, ways you already help, etc. Some ideas:
Donate herbs (fresh cut, potted or dried), olive oil, beeswax, soya wax, sterile pots, self care / hygiene products. Product labels.
Make safe agreed-recipe salves and other external herbal products (tinctures to follow). Herbal foods (agreed-recipes, e.g. daslook pesto, herb vinegars and oils). Product labels.
Distribute labelled safe herbal items and self care to the groups we decide to support.

2. Join or donate funds to HWB Global if you would like to. You do not need to join HWB Global to support HWB Amsterdam but it helps of course.

3. Keep an eye on our events (on this page) and an ear out for possible sources of free materials, botanicals and opportunities for the group to make more of an impact.

4. Spread the word! The bigger the team, the bigger the impact!

The next organised gardening morning at the herbal orchards, in Park Frankendael will be this coming Thursday 21st April (09.30 – 11.00). These are the foraging gardens just behind Huize Frankendael, really pretty at the moment with heaps of wild garlic, stinging nettle, cleavers, geranium and deadnettles. This event is with specific focus on Herbalists Without Borders. All welcome, come and find out more about how you can help. You don’t need to be a herbalist to get involved.

Donations for Herbalists Without Borders gladly received to help purchase the little pots for salves, plant oils, wax, labels etc for making preparations which are given away to those in need. As a donation, you may prefer to bring along a bottle of olive oil instead (any size) also very welcome. If you cannot donate in this way, or financially, your help in the garden will be appreciated (I coordinate HWB Amsterdam).

Light gardening, tidying up, some pruning to be done (Elder this week – so taking cuttings possible). Intention this week is to spruce it all up as usual and some light harvesting for remedies and our own use.

Come join me if you would like to – bring gardening gloves (not essential but handy) and a pair of secateurs if you have them (again not essential) and maybe a mug and flask of drink.

Further details from Lynn Shore (urban.herbology.lynn@gmail.com)
Details of HWB can be found here.