Herbes de Provence

D’un Goût à l’Autre
Meal at D’un Goût à l’Autre.

Nyons, in Drôme Provence, France is famous for award winning olives and delicious wines.  During my recent holiday there I enjoyed some great herby meals and bought two local specimens to add to the kitchen balcony. One restaurant stood out because of its use of local herbs. D’un Goût à l’Autre has several dishes on its menu which make an eye catching and delicious feature of fresh herbs.  As you can see the chef doesn’t believe in sidelining herbs; the starter shown features long springs of variegated Provencal basil in place of a conventional salad.

Basil was also used in the cooking, amongst other local herbs – I loved it and returned for a second meal during the holiday.  The mouth watering desert made from olives (also garnished with basil) is also well worth seeking out. D’un Goût à l’Autre is in the historic centre of Nyons, close to the Roman bridge.

21, rue des Déportés – 26110 Nyons. Tel: 04 75 26 62 27

I was also pleased to find two knowledgeable herb gardeners selling plants at Nyons Thursday market.  Having decided that the delicious Provencal basil plants wouldn’t last very long in Amsterdam, I purchased a small Provencal sage and another sturdy looking herb (which smells great but I can’t remember its name).  If you recognise it then please let me know, I think it may be a local variety of savory.

Two small pots of provencal sage and possibly savory
Provencal sage and possibly provencal savory

I haven’t used either of them yet as I want them to settle in to life on my balcony.  The market traders at Nyons sell a good variety of local herbs in various sizes and readily share ideas about how to use them. My little herbs cost €2 a piece.


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