Lemon verbena

Your favourite indoor herbs?

Which edible and medicinal herbs you prefer to grow indoors?

Last week I visited a friend, who would like to grow herbs but has no outdoor space at all, not even somewhere for a window box. In her apartment, space is at a real premium but I’m sure a few small herbs could be accommodated and she would like to try her hand at indoor gardening.  So what should she grow?

I looked around my home after the visit and was surprised to see that almost all of my herbs live permanently outdoors. There are a few real delicates which come in for the winter and a huge aloe vera which acts mainly as a decorative houseplant.  So I think indoor-herbology needs to improve in my household and also for my friend.

I’d really like to know which edible and medicinal herbs you prefer to grow indoors. Perhaps your top 5 or even top 10? Obviously it’s likely to be a matter of individual taste and need but perhaps a few clear front runners will appear as more of you respond. These may help someone with very little space decide which to try first.  My indoor favourites (if only for part of the year) are aloe vera,  because for me nothing beats fresh aloe when aloe is really needed, and also lemongrass and lemon verbena, because they are both relatively expensive and difficult to find in the local shops.

I look forward to hearing from you!


4 thoughts on “Your favourite indoor herbs?

  1. I love Basil. For someone who doesn’t grow hardly anything I think it’s great. It looks like it’s about to give up the ghost, I give a drop of water and it springs back in to life, even I can’t kill it off! It gives dishes a subtle kick too.

    Keep up the good work Lynn. I’m learning lots from your blog.


  2. My favorite herb overall is Lemon Balm. I love the smell when picked, it really lifts you up and is great taken as tea. A very interesting web site, I look forward to reading more. If interested I have a really good herbal recipe for coughs and colds. I have used it for several family members and it works a treat.


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