Uses for olive leaves?

A little Olive tree is growing in a pot on our roof terrace and I would like to make some use of it.  It is about 5 years old, a couple of feet tall and very healthy.  My sister sent it as a living birthday present and it seems to enjoy life on the roof.  I have re-potted it a couple of times and pruned it lightly last year.  It last flowered in 2007 and the birds ate all but one of the resultant fruits before they grew to a decent size.  It has not flowered since but the little tree is now able to withstand being outside all winter so I feel confident that a little leaf harvesting, come late spring or summer, would not harm it.

It would be nice to get a little yield from the plant and as I’m unlikely to get many olives the leaves seem to be the best resource to use – but how?  Olive leaf extract sounds interesting but I wonder if anyone has tried making something useful on a very small scale?  Perhaps a tea?  I haven’t found anything in my herbal books and am very keen to hear from anyone with Olive leaf ideas.


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