UrbanHerbology Plant & Seed Swap – Wednesday 20th April

It’s time for the first Urban Herbology Plant & Seed swap!

Where: Sarphati Park, Amsterdam.  Meeting by the Sarphati monument.

When: 11:00, Wednesday 20th April – we’ll be there for about an hour. When the swaps are done we’ll walk over to the park’s own swap centre, near the children’s playground, to have a look at what’s on offer there and then eat some lunch.

This is for: Urban Herbies who would like to make space on their balconies/windowsills/roof terraces for some different herbs.  And those who have nothing to swap but want to bulk up their plant stocks. And for those who just want to come along and say hello!

Please bring along: Herbs. Healthy herb plants or viable herb seeds which you would like to swap or give away*.  Herb plants should be in some sort of pot with enough soil and roots to support them.  Ideally they should be labelled in some way.  Herb seeds should be in a labelled dry paper packet such as a small sealed envelope or tightly folded paper.
I’ll probably stay there for lunch so if you like, bring some sandwiches…

Please don’t bring along: Anything toxic, illegal, unhealthy, non-herb, unknown or dug up from the wild.

*I suggest a small charge of €0.50 per pot/seed packet as an alternative to swapping.  Let’s try to do direct swaps between individuals but if this doesn’t suit then the €0.50 should help to make things fair.  Any better ideas are very welcome and in future, if the event becomes popular, I’ll organise a simple registration and voucher system.

I think I shall bring along some baby Aloe vera plants, some yarrow, mint and maybe strawberries and Lady’s mantle.  Lots of other things could do with thinning out in my pots so if you are coming along and want something in particular please let me know.


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