Herbs ready for adoption

I’m looking forward to the Urban Herbology plant and seed swap tomorrow, at 11am by the monument in Sarphati Park, Amsterdam. This morning, I have been preparing a few plants for adoption on the roof.

My Aloe pot was overcrowded by off shoots, Yarrow was taking over in the Valerian/Sedum/Lemon balm pot and strawberries were popping up in the middle of a beautiful Ladies mantle.  Here’s a photo of the Aloe vera babies and the Mama Aloe.  She will be staying here but her not-so-little ones, two pots of red flowering Yarrow (Achillea millefolium,  Nose bleed) and a strawberry will be there with me and my lunch.

It should be beautiful weather again tomorrow – I hope to see you in the park!


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