Hallowe’en in the Park

I took a walk through Frankendael Park’s woodland today, to connect with nature a little more this Hallowe’en.  What a breathtakingly beautiful day it turned out to be and how delighted I was to find so many reminders of what Hallowe’en or Samhain is really about.

Samhain marks the time in the pagan calendar when the “veil between the worlds” is said to be thinnest.  Meaning that it’s the time when it is thought that the dead and the living are most able to communicate with each other.  Hence the spooky associations most people have with Hallowe’en.  I prefer to think of this date as a time to say goodbye to those who have departed during the previous year, remember those from years gone by and to look at how the old and new live alongside each other, learning from each other and leaning on each other.

So my sunny Samhain walk in Frankendael helped me reflect on this as I took in some of the sounds, smells, tastes, images and feelings aroused by the plants and animals.

Here are a few photos of herbs which stood out today, old and new, living and dead, cohabiting and helping each other…

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