Surreptitious herb gardening

I tend a tree pit outside of my apartment and had the council dig me a small pavement garden, in a totally dry spot beneath my bay window. With the right plants these patches are hardly any work but give plenty of reward. I harvest wormwood, rosemary, lavender, lemon balm and more herbs each year from these spots, plus me and my neighbours have an improved view.

I fancy improving some other small neglected spots in Amsterdam and wonder if anyone would like to join me? I love the idea of guerilla gardening but most of the information that I’ve found about that in Amsterdam, is far too political for me. I’m also not available for night time gardening, I like to sleep. I’m thinking more of selecting a few herbs to suit a specific location, herbs which would enhance it and maybe produce a small crop. Then planting some seedlings and keeping an eye on them now and then.

I love the idea of finding calendula flowers around a tree base, nasturtians tumbling over a canal edge, the odd passionflower or wild strawberry creeping around the undergrowth on a train embankment. The possibilities are endless and could really increase the number of herbs available to us. is an inspiring link which may be interesting. Do contact me, preferably via the message board on the group, if you fancy some low key, non political, herb orientated, surreptitious gardening…

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