Crypto Forest Walk

Thank you to Cryptoforest for a great foraging exploration of Sloterdijk today. I really enjoyed meeting other urban foragers and learning about food plants which I don’t usually notice. The photo shows Theun and a wild carrot which was found in the central reservation of a main road!

Here’s a selection of the food species we found today. I think you’ll agree that there is more to edible Sloterdijk than meets the eye when you travel through by car or train:
Wild lettuce, Burdock, Beech, Hawthorn, Hairy bitter cress, Chickweed, Wild carrot, Plantain, Horsetail, Mugwort, Sorrel, Stinging Nettle, Dead Nettles, Rocket, Ground Elder, Elder, Comfrey, Raspberry, Hazel… There was far more, which I can’t recall right now.

I’m sure Cryptoforest will post details soon. Hopefully they will organize another Foraging expedition on the first Sunday in May 2013. It was great fun and I liked the Pac Man random sampling edge, certainly different to my usual excursions!


3 thoughts on “Crypto Forest Walk

  1. Lynn, I had a great time today with you, Ton and Olivia and learned a lot. I wasn’t expecting to see so many edible plants in one small area!

    Can’t wait for the next event. Joyce


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