Conium maculatum on the Middenweg.


The Poison Hemlock (Conium maculatum) alongside the Middenweg and Frankendael, has had something of a growth spurt over the warm weekend. It is just opening it’s flowers and is spilling onto the pavement. It should not be touched. It smells a little mousy and unpleasant so I really hope that deters people from picking the flowers or worse.

I tore a large branch from it yesterday but it needs to be carefully removed and disposed of. Composting won’t make it safe and burning it needs to be done in a controlled environment as the fumes can cause very serious effects.

It’s been reported so I’m very hopeful that it will be removed very soon. It’s a very handsome, imposing plant, but very harmful and is growing too well, in rather an unfortunate spot.


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