Elder and Sugar Plant Cuttings

How are you’re Elder babies getting on? Did they survive the dark wet weather and then the recent heat wave? It’s almost a month, since we snipped them from their parent bushes on Hugo de Vrieslaan and I know some have had a tough time. But be confident and don’t give them up for dead, even if they look lifeless. Just water when they or the soil seems to need it, they don’t like having soggy feet but they don’t like drying out either. Elder (Sambucus nigra) is once of the easiest cuttings to grow, they stand a very good chance.

Mine are in a quiet north facing balcony corner, with a large plastic bag at their base. I loosly pull it up when I feel it’s too windy for them, or too sunny. I pull it down at other times, when I remember. One cutting lost it’s leaves quite soon but now has fresh green buds. The other two have kept hold of their leaves and show new growth. I’m very pleased.

Here is a cutting I took from Youko’s Sugar plant. This is not Stevia and it’s clearly not Sugarcane or anything similar but it does taste of sugar – a lot! Youko, could you tell me the real name when you have a chance? I thought it died on the way home, it looked so limp for a couple of weeks, but it didn’t dry up so I kept faith and just monitored the soil wetness. Not too wet, not too dry, as with the Elder. I kept it in a similar location to where Youko has hers. Yesterday it seemed to gain energy (probably from roots!). It now looks positively perky and sports new leaves! I think it is now through the most tricky cutting phase so hopefully I’ll have a nice healthy plant for some time to come.

I’d love to hear how your Elder cuttings are getting on, and other plants you are trying to proliferate. Likewise, whilst I can’t take photos of herbs in Frankendael, I’d really love to receive any photos of plants you think may be edible or medicinal, in Amsterdam.


1 thought on “Elder and Sugar Plant Cuttings

  1. wow lynn. . great to see the Aztec sugar plant has survived. I’m gonna do a few cutting myself later when the weather is a tad bit cooler I think. . the name ahhh. . .
    Family: Verbenaceae (ver-be-NAY-see-ee) (Info)
    Genus: Lippia (LIP-pee-uh) (Info)
    Species: dulcis (DUL-sis) (Info)

    Synonym:Phyla dulcis
    Synonym:Phyla scaberrima
    here’s a link too. . .:

    I tend to nibble on mine from time to time when I have the muchies for something sweet. .it usually hits the spot. .and when it doesn’t. . .back to chocolate. .wink wink.


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