365 Frankendael day 132

Redshank (Polygonum persicaria)

Here’s a plant my daughter found today, next to bike racks on the Hugo de Vrieslaan. It’s  an edible herb called Redshank (Polygonum persicaria). Often, it has the splotchy arrow sort of mark on the leaves, sometimes not. The surest way to identify it is by the flower and there are plenty of those around at the moment. Here’s a closer photo which we took today:

Redshank (Polygonum persicaria).

And here’s a short video from YouTube which may help you to identify it.

Next is a hearty Dandelion. There are so many around at the moment, I think they prefer the weather a little cooler and wetter. I was reading yesterday that Susun Weed likes to keep a stock of around 200 cooked greens portions in her freezer, ready for winter. I’m guessing that Dandelion is on her freezer list. I haven’t done that my self, I just eat it when it’s around, but will give it a try. Not 200 portions, I’ve only space for around three but its worth a go. On a side note, I bought a delicious jar of Morvan Pissenlit honey last week, Pissenlit literally means wet the bed and is the common name of Dandelion in France. The name is given due to its potent diuretic properties. The honey is exceptional. I must have another spoonful now!

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

I forget to mention this little beauty yesterday, Skullcap (Sculletaria altissima), in the woods of park Frankendael. It is in flower again! A second wave of flowers often graces strong perennials, when they have been cut back prematurely. Whatever the reason, I’m so pleased to see these pretty pain relieving flowers again.

Skullcap (Sculletaria altissima)

Autumn is on its way, you can smell it in the air. A blue moon tomorrow night so I’ll be looking for hazelnuts and not writing much tomorrow – just photos and names. Happy foraging!


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