369 Frankendael day 179


Above is Solomon’s seal. The roots of this plant are eaten by some. It is easily confused with other, poisonous plants.


Here is one of the last remaining green Jerusalem artichokes in the park. The rest, at least in the flower meadow area have started to blacken and wither.


Gallant soldiers.


I thought this was Violet (Viola odorata) foliage but since decide that it’s more likely to be Lobelia foliage (poisonous).


A Poisonous Euphorbia species.


2 thoughts on “369 Frankendael day 179

  1. Our solomons seal has just started to flower. It’s incredibly hardy and grows in a very dry part of the garden. I MUST remember to dig up some Helianthus tuberosus from my daughters place in town. I planted them a few years ago and they have kept coming back every year light the steadfast food supply that they are. I would have put money on them being violets as well. Let me know if they aren’t…I think I have lots of them sneakily infusing themselves in my garden and here I was thinking that they were my favourite flower! Horticultural fail to me! πŸ™‚ We have petty spurge as well. Interestingly enough, they are working with the sap of petty spurge to create something to remove skin cancer. It’s an old Aussie thing to rub petty spurge on small skin cancers and often they die so there are scientific studies into it now.


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