365 Frankendael day 189

Thank you to Dana who kindly sent me photos of herbs she found on Prinseneiland yesterday. They look beautiful! It’s years since I went for a wander around that neighbourhood, one of the prettiest in Amsterdam. Must do it again sometime soon.


Sea Buckthorn (Duindorn), makes a fabulous honey syrup as Katja, one of my apprentices showed me recently.


Nasturtium, peppery, delicious and abundant!


Gallant soldiers, potatoes combine well with this little herbal beauty.


Fat hen (yum!) and Greater Celandine (external use with caution, toxic internally).


This one looked like Lady’s mantle at first glance of the photo but I see that Dana labelled it Common Mallow, which looks like the correct id. Both edible, one (LM) glimmers when water hits it,  as the Latin name explains and it tastes terrifically bitter. The other, mallow, tastes gooey finally and has leaves that are not so spectacular when wetted by dew or rain.

Thank you Dana!


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