365 Frankendael day 238

Today I was in Tolstraat and noticed lots of Greater Celandine. I found it there whilst cycling many months ago. At that time the plants (which are interestingly in almost all the pavement gardens of the street) were in flower. Today not but some are in bud and despite the cold weather the plants look robust and more than able to yield cell growth halting sap. This plant is very useful for use against Herpes virus outbreaks. The orange sap is toxic but if carefully dabbed on herpes sores, warts or skin growths, it can often help to slow cell/virus growth.



1 thought on “365 Frankendael day 238

  1. Thank you for another very interesting post. I am not sure that we have this plant here in Tasmania but will be sure to keep a look out for garden escapee’s from now on.


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