365 Frankendael Christmas holiday

Whilst I have been away Dana Marin has kindly taken some Amsterdam herb photos and sent them to me for the 365 project. Many thanks Dana, I’ll be back home very soon so the project will resume fully then.

Here are some for the lovely photos which Dana took in park Frankendael and along Bertrand Russelstraat over the recent days…

Chickweed (Stellaria media)


Ivy (Hedera helix)

A Brassica, not sure which at the moment, possibly BarbaraKruid, possibly not!


Hedge parsley, toxic. It may be an edible member of the carrot family (I’m looking forward to finding Sweet Cicely very soon, but most likely Hedge Parsley).


2 thoughts on “365 Frankendael Christmas holiday

  1. Great photos and it will be good to have you back. I hope you enjoyed your time away and had a wonderful Christmas and a great time at New Years 🙂


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