365 Frankendael day 282

Today a little plant which I thought had disappeared in the snow, but no, it’s as full of life and taste as previously!


It’s a type of Speedwell (Veronica sp.). It is edible and has medicinal uses. For some reason, each time I meet it, I forget it’s name. Maybe that’s part of it’s magic πŸ™‚


1 thought on “365 Frankendael day 282

  1. Is speedwell edible? How so? Can you use it in salads? Sorry for all of the questions but we have a lot of it growing on Serendipity Farm and my daughters have a lot of it growing at their place in the city curling around their gas bottles. It is very pretty and I actually encourage it to grow but to find out that you can eat it as well is a wonderful bonus πŸ™‚


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