River of Herbs meeting – 17th March


I had planned for Spuistraat to be the base for the second RoH session but I want to wait for advice on how to make our efforts stick before starting anything there. It would be such a pity to start on Spuistraat, knowing that out efforts were almost bound to flounder. Let’s get going with easier sites first.

So the Session Two start point, on Sunday 17th March (10.30 start) will be the children’s playground in Fraunhofferstraat, in Oost Watergraafsmeer. That whole street has  treepits which could easily benefit from some herbs, it’s very close to my home (and geveltuin) so I’ll be able to keep an eye on things and it’s a neighborhood where the treepits get relatively low traffic and abuse. There is also an interesting stretch of bare, soil-rich treepits close by, on the Middenweg, which we can check out and Frankendael park is a block away for some inspiration.


We’ll look at:
Your herb meadow plans,
Ways to multiply your herb plants,
Seed sowing tips,
How to help young seedlings and
Some interesting ways to use street herbs.

Feel free to bring along:
A small gardening tool if you have one (trowel, hand fork etc),
Your session one booklet/ herb meadow plans,
Spare herb seeds and baby plants to use or share with the group.

How to find Fraunhofferstraat:
It is a side street off the Middenweg.
Tram 9 (halte Hugo de Vrieslaan) , bus 65 (halte Middenweg).
If you’re not sure of the best route, try checking the journey planner, 9292ov.nl

The River of Herbs website is being revised and rehosted this week so apologies for broken links etc whilst the glitches are sorted out. It’s probably best to look here for up to date information about meetings, at present.


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