365 Frankendael day 331- River of Herbs


It was the second River of Herbs meeting today and we took a stroll through part of park Frankendael, hunting for Molehills.

I used a few hills to build a lovely aerated soil mound around my geveltuin Lavender shrub. Molehills generally contain lovely rich soil – just the thing to encourage the Lavender to set down roots along it’s aging branches, for new plants to form.

We removed a few wild garlic plants from a path in the park, where they never reach maturity due to foot traffic and gardening. These babies will have new homes with Urban Herbies in shady balconies and pavement gardens.


There is plenty of Yellow Archangel to be seen (or eaten) at the moment.


And this looks like Garlic mustard early leaves to me… I can’t wait (but must) for these plants to bolt upward and produce absolutely delicious leaves!


Here’s a photo of one of our first River of Herbs projects… Edible and medicinal Violas and Primroses. Not obtained from the wild, cultivated varieties.


Thanks everyone who came for your help and inspiring ideas and enthusiasm!

UPDATE: Next Meeting – Starting at Mercatoplein
Please see this event link to River of Herbs website.


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