Urban herbology of Mugwort


My first book is available to purchase via Kindle and Amazon.  Urban Herbology of Mugwort teaches how to find,  harvest,  preserve,  eat,  drink and craft with Artemisia vulgaris and her silken sisters. Esoteric, historic and medicinal uses of Mugwort are also explored in an accessible, down to earth way. This book is written to help people find Mugwort, grow it and use it. It contains lots of clear recipes and guidance about urban foraging and herb crafting.

For too many years,  I have been bogged down by the complexities of writing a big book about Urban Herbology. So I recently decided to create a series of focused books, each about a different significant herb. Mugwort is the first for many reasons.

The Kindle version of Urban Herbology of Mugwort is available for preorder and the print version will be available for preorder very soon.  Release date is anticipated as 31st May 2017 so not long to wait!

If you would like to stay informed about the book release please send me a personal message urban.herbology.lynn@gmail.com


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