Day 11 – UH foraging challenge

A pleasant walk into work this morning, yeidled a few nice edible finds in Oud Zuid. Here are my two favourites:


Wormwood (Artemisia absinthum) gracing a lamppost near Apollo house. A classy spot for a classy herb and a nationally endangered one at that!  I had to supress the urge to pull this up and replant it safely at school. It’s sure to be obliterated by the council strimmers within weeks and yet the size shows that it is a couple of years old. Perhaps the strimmer guys like it too or perhaps it’s just a strong perennial which bounces back after twice yearly strimming?

I’ll watch it with interest over the coming weeks.


Then a sturdy hollyhock, building strength against a rubbish bin. Hollyhock should be the municipal plant of Amsterdam – it is really part of the landscape on every street.

Ground elder
Ground elder

And on my walk home through Jeruzalem, a variegated ground elder (zevenblad)! Very pretty and very invasive. This fills a few of the gardens along one street.


Thanks for the challenger photos which have arrived this evening. I’ll add more tomorrow.


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