Day 14 – UH foraging challenge

More lovely photos today…

From Ann in Spain, beautiful flowers which look rather like a type of lily or Allium. Not seeing the whole plant, the flower could belong to a sort of Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum angustifolium). It also looks almost like Allium molly but white rather than yellow…

Photo credit - Ann Doherty.
Photo credit – Ann Doherty.

And here a beautiful plant which could be a type of chives or a small scabious (Scabiosa columbaria). Those leaves look too slender for scabious.. Very pretty, whatever it is.

Photo credit - Ann Doherty.
Photo credit – Ann Doherty.

And from Hannah, at the Dutch dunes, a Celery family plant and a mallow. Alexanders are my favourite from the celery family.

Photo credit - Hannah MacDonald
Photo credit – Hannah MacDonald

And I found lots of Dutch spring snow as I walked to work today – the seeds of Elm trees (Ulmus), on Beethovenstraat. Not a place to forage from but I’ll find this falling in clean places over the next few weeks.

Spring snow
Spring snow

Carlijn in Amsterdam has been busy. She is posting her 30 day challenge finds on Instagram – have a look here if you have time – some gorgeous photos.

More tomorrow, when we will be half way through the challenge…






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