Day 16 – UH foraging challenge

Beautiful weather drew me to the volkstuin again today. It’s been a while since I spent a full day gardening there which meant the Ground elder (Aegopodium podogarium) has really grown tall and needed thinning out. I brought a shopping bag full of it home with me and plan to make a simple olive oil blend from it all.  That will freeze and store in the fridge,  allowing me to add a spoonful to cooking whenever I feel the urge for a parsley type taste.


I also harvested more Lovage (what a strong trasting herb!) and my daughter made a photo herb tour for us, of chives –


and Rosebay willowherb.


Here are some beautiful photos from Peter in Belfast:

Ferns with wild garlic in bloom –

Photo credit - Peter Warnock
Photo credit – Peter Warnock

Horsetail –

Photo credit - Peter Warnock
Photo credit – Peter Warnock

And this mystery plant –

Photo credit - Peter Warnock
Photo credit – Peter Warnock

The leaves don’t seem to belong to the flowers, at least not for a true rose such as Burnet. And the petals are not rose enough. They do remind me of a sort of rubus but the flowers seem too blousey ad the petals slightly overlap at their base. Almost like Cloudberry but not really. I hedge my bets on it being a sort of Rubus rather than a true rose and I look forward to seeing what develops after the flower gives way to the swelling fruit.



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