Day 27 UH foraging challenge

20170517_121112Amsterdam was scorching hot yesterday so I headed to the open air pools of Flevobad with my daughter. We cycled through Flevopark to get there and what a green treat that place is at the moment!  It’s absolutely bursting with life. Dozens of herbs caught my eye and as ever garlic mustard is BIG there. Must be something in the soil or the smell of the graffiti artists spray paints.. Whatever it is,  it works!

I also had my first sighting this year of Elderflower so the crazy syrup/fritter/fizz season is upon us!  I’ll be traveling everywhere with scissors and paper bags for the next month. I do this usually but through May and June the scissors will be discrete and sharp, the paper bags numerous and that’s about all you’ll find in my work bag.
Yesterday was also an orchards day. We had a lot of work to do as the plants are growing at least 10cm per day, reaching for light because the fruit tree canopies are fully greened. Stinging nettle was my target. From now until September it crowds the path in the nettle orchard and that’s not very comfortable for visitors. So I took to the path edges with my gardening gloves and golden sycle. It’s actually made from bronze, cuts plants with panache and makes me feel like a real druid ovate!
Only hands are required for foraging but some tools make the job much easier.
Meditation for today: What are your favoured foraging tools?
Today’s mantra: There’s a flowering Elder around the corner with my name on it! It’s also home of a million creatures who need those flowers more than me.
More tomorrow.

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