It’s time to slowly come out of hibernation and soak up the sensations of early spring. Walking around town today, the smell of rising sap was palpable! Bulbs are up, the weather is mild and I feel happier to pluck. Imbolc is upon us.

I find this a very exciting time if year. Nature is always full of promise but faith is needed as this time of the year. How will those plants rise above the cold ground and swell? How will those bugs find the energy to buzz around us again?

From Imbolc until midsummer, nature seems to gradually build up to a frenzy of activity and productivity. This time allows us to see how plants look as they rise out of the soil. We can see the first true leaves of cleavers, the cold tolerant blades of wild garlic and the irresistible (non edible) dancing snowdrops.

I’m soaking up every ray of sunshine this Imbolc, the bright moonbeams of the blue moon and most of all the sights and sounds of emerging plants.

What is delighting you this Imbolc?


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