#3 Rosemary

This week’s winter warming herb is a strongly scented evergreen shrub which many people grow in urban gardens. There are a few Rosemary shrubs growing along my street and I am not alone in enjoying a small amount every week or so, in my meals.

My Rosemary needed a drastic haircut this spring due to a Rosemary beetle infestation

If you are able to find some Rosemary, growing near you, I’d love to see a photo and learn what you like to do with it.

Rosemary is in the aromatic Lamiaceae family. It is known for its ability to stimulate the mind and digestive system.


2 thoughts on “#3 Rosemary

  1. Hi Lynn,

    Here are my two Rosmarinus plants. A really interesting “foxtail” variety. This is the plant you gifted me a few years ago and it has come on really well 🙂 The other is a standard plant grown from a very small cutting. I also spotted an Acanthus on my bike ride yesterday. A beautiful example with really large seed pods. It was near a small community shop and cafe so I may pop back later this week and pick some for sewing next year. Looking forward to the next zoom. Speak soon. Lou xxx

    [image: image.png]

    [image: image.png] [image: image.png]


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