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Do you live in a town or city, perhaps it is not your hometown or even not your homeland and do you yearn to feel connected to nature? Do you want to be able to skillfully forage, herb-craft, make your own remedies and feel more of a sense of place? If so, the Urban Herbology Online Apprenticeship could be just what you are looking for! It can be started and studied at any time, wherever you live. It provides stimulating materials and practical activities alongside personal support.

Whether you live in Auckland, Portland, Switzerland or Redland, if you want to learn, you can join the online UH apprenticeship community and start benefiting straight away.

As an online apprentice, you are very welcome to attend any of Lynn’s walks and workshops in Amsterdam, The Netherlands* but with the course materials alone, you will be able to master the skills that you want to acquire. Lynn also holds weekly Zoom gatherings for apprentices, so that the group can talk about herbal and seasonal interests and queries and work on crafts together.

*If you visit Amsterdam at that time, simply let me know and book into one of the regular events or let’s find another time to meet!

“The wonderful lady that inspired & educated me and helped me find my way – Lynn Shore!!”
Chantal. Gelderland, Netherlands.

Foraging edible berry leaves, from the edge of a city sport field.

Is the Urban Herbology Apprenticeship for you?

  • Do you want to learn about crafting with local, seasonal, urban herbs?
  • Do you seek expert guidance about ethical foraging and deep connection with nature through the Celtic Wheel of the Year?
  • Do you work well with personal study and ongoing support?
  • Can you spend a couple of hours a week to develop your skills?
  • Do you want to bring ethical Urban Herbology into your life and possibly your business?

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes? Welcome to the Urban Herbology Apprenticeship!

How it works:

Six course modules:

  • Foraging – Learn foraging skills, plant families and key urban herbs.
  • Herbal Crafting – Learn home remedy making, herbal first aid and nourishing herbs.
  • Growing Herbs – Learn creative ways to grow herbs in any space.
  • Healing – Learn to safely work with the Wise System of Healing.
  • Remedies – Favourite natural remedies for common ailments
  • Natural Spirituality – Develop deep connection with nature through the eight main Celtic Wheel of the Year festivals.
    Bonus Module: Fermentation


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Online material:
The five apprenticeship course modules are delivered online through over 80 study units. Extra units are being added each month so do ask if you would like a new topic to be added.

You study all of the modules concurrently, as you journey through the course. Dip in and out of the modules as you need to. Course forums for discussion help to deepen your knowledge and connect you with Lynn and the other students. The units contain written material, focused activities and podcasts.

Workshops and walks
These take place in Amsterdam (or elsewhere given sufficient interest) and cover practical skills from the course units. Workshop attendance costs €50 and includes handout, materials and vegetarian/vegan snacks. Months without planned workshops have at least one scheduled walk. These guided walks are free for apprentices! You can see the upcoming dates here.

“This week I’ve had the pleasure of joining the 1st workshop of the year, of Urban Herbology Apprenticeship. We had so much fun, spotted so many herbs and made wonderful infusions. I really recommend it! ”
Marisa, Amsterdam

Belfast street herbs (Photo credit: Peter Warnock).

How long does the Apprenticeship course take?

12 to 18 months.
2 hours a week – suggested study time – Put in as much time and energy as you like.

Who is this online course suitable for?

This course is aimed at people who:

  • Are committed to developing deep connection with urban nature.
  • Are keen to work on this for a couple of hours each week.
  • Enjoy learning from online notes, podcasts, videos and downloadable worksheets.
  • Enjoy connecting with fellow students and Lynn, the course leader through social forums.

If you are motivated to bring Urban Herbology into your life, then you are warmly welcomed to join the online course. If you really need to work face to face with a teacher, I suggest instead that you apply to join the next local apprenticeship group.

Online Apprenticeship Costs

Monthly payments – €38*
Annual payment – €400

*Monthly payments can be started and stopped anytime, giving flexibility and the chance to see how the course suits you. There is no fixed commitment.

Payment (via bank transfer or PayPal) through this page

Learn how to eat peculiar looking nuts like these from city streets (Turkish Hazelnuts)

About Lynn
Lynn Shore has been foraging and herb crafting since childhood. She has began teaching the craft of urban herbology in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2011.

“When people learn how to eat from the land directly around them, they become more a part of it. It literally becomes part of them and they quickly become attuned to local natural rhythms. This is important and really helps us to settle into a new town.

Moving to Amsterdam from the UK was great for me in many ways but I so missed the nature. Yes it’s pretty green here but it’s not the same. As soon as I started to embrace the plants growing all around me here, I felt more settled and empowered. I felt more content and like anything was possible.

Over the years I’ve developed a strategy to help local people and new comers to cities, based around this knowledge. It has helped a great many people, which is why I offer this course.”

Lynn Shore, Urban Herbology

What began with city herb walks, occasional workshops and a small group course, is now a successful online apprenticeship, with face-to-face options. Packed with information, activities, advice, links, optional workshops, a social group and personal attention. The Urban Herbology apprenticeship enables people all over the world to make ethical green changes in their lives.

“I am engrossed in your Urbanherbology Apprentice site! Love it!!”
Elodie, Noord Holland

Find out more
Look around the UH Apprenticeship website

Sign up for the course here
or fill in this contact form and Lynn will get back to you

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