The Urban Herbology Apprenticeship is an established blended learning course, composed of 4 core and 3 bonus modules. It offers a systematic approach to mastering the arts of ethical herb foraging, herbal crafting, herb gardening and self-care. The content is focused on incredible plants which grow in towns and cities.

Core modules (assessed, certified):
Holistic Herbal Crafting – 31 units
Ethical Foraging – 28 units
Herb Gardening – 21 units
Wise Woman System of Healing – 8 units

Bonus modules (not assessed but supported):
Wheel of the Year – 8 units
Herbal Remedies – 9 sections
Ferments – 19 units
Food – 14 units

Urban Herbology is a Registered Training School with the CMA.

The Urban Herbology Foraging Courseand the Urban Herbology Crafting Course are Accredited by and Registered with the CMA

The other UH Apprenticeship modules are to be evaluated by the CMA next year.

Who is this course aimed at?

Those looking for safe herbal knowledge, increased awareness of urban nature and for ways to increase self-sufficiency. Each module is suited to students who may not have any garden and may live in quite a small space. This is suitable as a stand alone study of for qualified therapists who already work with herbs, who want to understand what medicinal plants are like in “real life” and how they can be grown, foraged or prepared even in a small home. 

Previous apprentices include Chiropractors, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Pharmacists, Chefs, Vegan cosmetic makers, Gardeners, Mixologists, Ecologists, Writers. Everyone is welcome! No previous experience is required. 

How is the course delivered?

Online course – Zoom meetings – Personal feedback – Optional workshops and walks. 

The course content is on the website Each module contains progressive units of study. These units contain a mix of text, images, videos, external links and engaging assignments to deepen your understanding of the material.  Some of the Zoom meetings are actually short online workshops (45 minutes to an hour), where students work through crafting projects alongside the tutor whilst online. The combination approach makes it very personal. 

How is the course assessed?

There are several assignments throughout the cores modules. These are sent to the tutor for personal feedback and grading. When all of these are complete, there is a summative assignment for each core module. When this is successfully completed, a certificate of completion is awarded.  The assignments are to help you learn and reflect on your knowledge.

Who is the tutor?

The course is developed and delivered by foraging expert, complementary therapist and teacher Lynn Shore. She is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and originated from Bristol. Lynn has been delivering these courses since 2010. She is passionate about helping people to live in harmony with nature, wherever they live and to help them to add these skills to their business. 

Please see for further details.

Is the Urban Herbology Apprenticeship for you?

Do you want to learn about crafting with local, seasonal, urban herbs?
Do you seek expert guidance about ethical foraging and deep connection with nature through the Celtic Wheel of the Year?
Do you work well with personal study and ongoing support?
Can you spend a couple of hours a week to develop your skills?
Do you want to bring ethical Urban Herbology into your life and possibly your business?

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes? Welcome to the Urban Herbology Apprenticeship!

Apprenticeship Costs

New: Discounted payments - Students and COVID
A limited number of places are currently available at
€25 per month - same conditions as everyone else, start and stop if needed.
This is for people who desperately want to get on the course and learn but are experiencing difficulties in some way related to COVID-19 or they are students or in some other way would struggle with the full cost.
Such applications are considered individually, you don't need to go into personal details but we will need to know why you are seeking the discount. 
Email Lynn if you would like to apply for this. 

Monthly payments, until course is complete – €38*
Student / Discount Monthly payments, until course is complete – €25*
One off payment – €400**
Walks – Free for apprentices
Workshops – €15 for apprentices (online via Zoom is free)

*Monthly payments can be started and stopped anytime, giving flexibility and the chance to see how the course suits you. There is no fixed commitment. Just keep in touch about what’s happening.
**Those who pay in one will work through the course in the same way. The first units are open, when those assignments are successfully completed, the next units will open up for you.

Find out more
Take a look around the UH Apprenticeship website. A couple of the units of study are open so you can see the type of material inside and you’ll get a feel for what goes on from the main menu pages.

Want to join?
Sign up for the course here or fill in the contact form below and Lynn will get back to you

“Recommended! ❤ I took this course with Lynn over the past year and found it very inspiring! 🌿✨💐

Esther, Apprentice in Amsterdam

“I am engrossed in your Urbanherbology Apprentice site! Love it!!”

Elodie, Apprentice in Badhoevendorp Netherlands


Apprentice in Weesp, The Netherlands. Wheel of the Year module – Midsummer.

“This week I’ve had the pleasure of joining the 1st workshop of the year, of Urban Herbology Apprenticeship. We had so much fun, spotted so many herbs and made wonderful infusions. I really recommend it! “

Marisa, Apprentice in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Thanks for confirming the plant. I had a feeling it was Hogweed. I’m sure I saw hemlock today though, it was as you described in the zoom meeting last week. I’m really enjoying the course, it’s so interesting. Spotting plants on my daily bike ride is fun. I see what you mean by identifying and knowing just a few plants really well. 

Louise, Apprentice in UK

“I am very much enjoying the course and am doing as time permits… I did manage to make dandelion honey/syrup which was fun, and tasty.  I am on the lookout for both knotweed and garlic mustard and thank you for the recipe!  I don’t think I will ever look at dandelions the same again. 

Apprentice living in Toronto, Canada

❤❤❤ highly recommended one year online course for those interested in herbal crafting, foraging, nature spirituality, herb gardening and wise wo(man) healing! ❤❤❤

Caro, Previous apprentice in Amsterdam

If you’re wanting to learn more about wild plants and can’t join Lynn’s Amsterdam walks/classes in person, this is the next best thing!

Ann, previous Apprentice in Amsterdam

“Now that I know how easy this is I will definitely use this method more to gather seeds. It feels much more connected, both to the plants and to the natural cycles. And as the importance of supporting native species has become more and more clear to me as well, in order to maintain a good equilibrium for the local insect population and general ecosystem, I think this is also a better method and helps us to connect more to the place where we live.

Extract from an other apprentice’s final summary about her journey through the Growing module.

I had no knowledge before about the botany of flowers so I learned a lot about this and how looking at these detailed aspects such as the amount of stamen or petals can help to identify the plant. The same goes for the different types of leaves and I have memorized at least some of the more ‘professional’ terminology on this subject. I find that this does help to be more clear on what it is I am seeing, to be able to name it. All in all I definitely have more tools and skill now to be able to identify plants.

Extracts from another apprentice’s final summary about her journey through the Foraging module.

“This module gave me new ideas and made me try new exciting things… …This caused a great impact on me: strange how I never realised that this is the most natural, practical and economical practice! “

Extracts from another apprentice’s final summary about her journey through the Growing module.

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