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Since 2011, I have enjoyed teaching the craft of urban herbology to dozens of wonderful people. What began with city herb walks, occasional workshops and a small group course, is now a successful blended learning apprenticeship. Packed with information, activities, advice, links, optional workshops, a social group and personal attention, the Urban Herbology Apprenticeship enables people all over the world to make green changes in their lives.

This course is for people who:

  • Want to learn about crafting with local, seasonal herbs.
  • Seek guidance about ethical foraging and deep connection with nature.
  • Enjoy self-study with effective support and optional workshops.

If that is you, welcome to my Urban Herbology Apprenticeship!

How it works
Self study, group support, personal support and face-to-face workshops.

The 5 self study modules:

  • Foraging – Learn foraging skills, plant families and key urban herbs.
  • Herbal Crafting – Learn home remedy making, herbal first aid and nourishing herbs.
  • Growing Herbs – Learn creative ways to grow herbs in any space.
  • Healing – Learn to safely work with the Wise System of Healing.
  • Natural Spirituality – Develop deep connection with nature through 8 Celtic festivals and creating meaningful rituals.

8 times during the year (approximately 6 weeks apart), you will receive access to the next unit from each of those modules. Each unit builds your knowledge of foraging, herb crafting, growing, safe healing and natural spirituality.

4 times a year, optional half-day practical workshops are offered exclusively to my apprentices. These take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Connection – As often as required, contact me to discuss anything relating to the course and to share your experiences. I enjoy long relationships with most of my apprentices and know that this ongoing support can help them along their unique paths. I aim to respond to emails within 24 hours and if the workshop dates don’t suit you, I am happy to set other dates to meet and talk through questions or work on practical skills.

How long does it take?
This course contains a lot of material and plenty of activities but you do not have to complete it all. If you dedicate regular time to your herbology studies (2-3 hours a week) it can be completed in one year but most people take longer (around 18 months). The material for each module remains available to you for as long as you need it and you will always be welcome to attend my workshops and walks. You will have my ongoing support so you can stay in contact and come to apprentice workshops for as long as you like.

Blended learning
This course is delivered through self study, personal support and face-to-face workshops.

If you are committed to developing deep connection with the plants growing around you, you will be able to learn the skills you need from my study material alone. However, your practical skills and confidence will increase far more quickly if you attend at least one of my workshops and stay in contact via email, phone, the private Facebook group, or letters.

Packages and Costs
Choose from the following options, to best suit your needs. All prices are inclusive BTW.

Full apprenticeship package:

  • Online course and support (value €400)
  • 4 workshops (value €200)
  • 16 hours of personal coaching (value €640)
  • Package cost €900 (or €1200 if paid as 8 instalments of €150)

The workshops and coaching hours in this package should be taken within 18 months of joining the course. In exceptional cases, we can work something out to make certain you get the best use of the package. As mentioned above, some apprentices complete in one year, others take longer. It depends on your situation and motivation to acquire the skills.

Online course and support
€400 (or €464 if paid as 8 x €58*)

Or select individual modules (each delivered in 8 lessons):
Crafting module €200
Foraging module €150
Growing module €100
Healing module €100
Natural spirituality €100

Optional workshops
In Amsterdam. Combining foraging walk, crafting, theory and light food.
Workshop participation is only available to past and present apprentices.
€50 each

All prices inclusive BTW.  Please visit my shop to find payment details. I use PayPal or bank transfer. Only one book is required for this course – a good field guide for wild flowers in your area. Other books are suggested throughout the course but are not essential. There are some useful book links in my shop.

[*Previous installment price will be honoured for existing students]

Start dates
The course can be started at any time. I will send out the next lessons on 2nd February 2019 (Imbolc). The next apprentice workshop will be mid February 2019 in Amsterdam.

When your payment is received, I will send a welcome email explaining how to log on to the study platform and access the first study units.

Further details
You can read further information here.





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