Five Nature Principles

(Naar NL versie)
I am a certified holistic natural health practitioner, using herbal medicine, reflexology, yoga and massage therapies to support my patients. My working method is based on the five nature-oriented principles:

Energy, Stimulation transfer, Drainage, Nutrition and Psyche.

These principles are interrelated and closely influence each other;
Balanced energy enables appropriate stimulation transfer,
which enables drainage of waste products and metabolites from the body,
which allows for effective nourishment,
which in turn enables a well balanced healthy psyche.

When the five principles are in balance, both our body and psyche function harmoniously and we enjoy a state of good health and vitality. But, when any principle is out of balance, the effects ripple through the rest of the system, leading to pressure points and health issues. By identifying and  preventing states of imbalance, and by providing appropriate treatment options, my patients are helped to function optimally.

During consultations, I gather a detailed holistic picture of you as an individual, then depending on your problems, requests and diagnosis, a personal treatment plan is created. This is underpinned by the five principles, so behavioural patterns, psychosomatic complaints, energetic complaints, emotional and spiritual experience with any underlying obstacles, are all considered.