Articles, mentions, interviews and lectures about Lynn and Urban Herbology.


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March 2019
Nature and the City. Lynn from Urban Herbology

July 2018
Amsterdamian – 9 Places  in Amsterdam that any aspiring gardener should know about

March 2018
University of Amsterdam – Department of Social Sciences
Lecture: Nature based spirituality

January 2017
Bols Around The Woods
Ivar de Lang, Bols Academy

High Cuisine – trailer for pilot episode

November 2016
Green fingers in the city
Molly Quell,

April 2016
Een rivier van kruiden Amsterdam Oost
Kirsten Dorresteijn, De Brug

March 2016
Urban Herbology & Wild Garlic Oil
Hillary Eats

November 2015
Five tips for urban foraging
Lynn Shore Tuin en Balkon

October 2015
Lynn Shore knows the best places in town
Nicole Blommers, Citinerary

River of Herbs
By Styn swinkels

September 2015
NPO Radio 1 START! Interview
Can BNN university reporter survive on foraged food for a day in Amsterdam?
Jolijn Kuiper

May 2015
3 Vragen aan een wildplukker in Amsterdam
Delicious Magazine

October 2014
Valt er nog wat te plukken in de stad?
Amsterdam&co. Nummer 1. Najaar 2014.
Initiatief van Rabobank Amsterdam

September 2014
Secret Orchards of Amsterdam, River of Herbs
Broadcast Amsterdam TV, Salto 1

March 2014

(ENG)Portraits of Seed People #1 Lynn Shore
(NL)Portretten van Mensen die iets hebben met zaadgoed #1 Lynn Shore
by Sonia, for ASEED

So Dam Local – Salto 1
TV Interview, 18th March

February 2014
River of Herbs @ Pakhuis de Zwijger
Launch evening for the project which Lynn has begun.

Edible Wildlife Corridor for Amsterdam

January 2014
River of Herbs: An Urban Wildlife Medicine Cabinet
by Joop de Boer. Pop up City

December 2013
The Ecozoic City
by John Thakaria

November 2013
TEDxYouth@AICS Edible Cities
by Lynn Shore

Urban Foraging, de trend voor 2014? –
by Mathieu

September 2013
Foraging for Lunch Around Amsterdam with Lynn Shore, The Urban Herbologist –
by Nicola Tordoff  & Mara Pellizzari

Hollyhock, the Virtues of a City Herb – Soiled and Seeded Magazine
by Lynn Shore

May 2013
Urban Foraging –
by Vivian Doumpa

Pluk de Stad – Het Parool (15th May 2013)
by Hiske Verspille

March 2013
River of Herbs – Nieuwezijd Magazine (scroll to page 25)
by Liedewij Loorbach

The Ecozoic City –
by John Thackara

November 2012
Rozenbottel bietenstroopje – Juuth

October 2012
English Breakfast Radio Interview
22nd October. This link will only remain active for a month or so.

Herbal Learning Boost,
by Frida Ährlin (Apprentice)

September 2012
Keeping City Herbs in Sight – Soiled and Seeded Magazine
by Lynn Shore

August 2012, Flower Bomb! by Barbara Putman Cramer

July 2012
Amsterdam Foodie post, by Vicky Hampton

June 2012
Time Out Amsterdam Magazine, Awesome Outdoor Adventures, by Lake Montgomery

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