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365 Frankendael day 271


Today some Ivy berries (Hedera helix). I don’t think they are edible – I don’t fancy trying them even if they are but the plant in general is sometimes useful externally an agent to help rid the body of cellulite. The pom-pom flowers come late in the year and are a useful source of pollen for insects and now come the striking purple-black berries.

Frankendael 365 day 21

Today Ivy and Horsetail. Firstly Ivy (Hedera helix). Here it is scaling three massive trees on the edge of Park Frankendael. Yes, it is a herb but not really one for the pot. Ivy has mystic qualities and associations as well as medicinal properties and many traditional uses. I’ve also posted a lotions recipe for Ivy cellulite oil today which may be of interest. Ivy is available year round but harvesting it in spring or summer us likely to have a lesser effect on the plant.

Horsetail is very vigorous at the moment and perhaps more useful than you thought. Here’s a link to a lotion recipe for Horsetail cuticle cream and an oil nail treatment.