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365 Frankendael day 175


Today I noticed quite a few more Gingko biloba fruit had fallen from trees close to my workplace. There are not enough to organise a harvest yet but they are getting ripe and beginning to smell of vomit (as a colleague correctly put it today). Here is one of them. I thought I’d post a method for preparing them…

This link is to a very useful Instructables post about how to safely harvest and prepare the fruit and the nuts within. Note how seriously wearing rubber gloves is taken. The fruit contains a toxic chemical which is very likely to seriously irritate you, should you handle them with bear skin.

There are lots of female Gingko trees in Amsterdam, if you spot one near you it may be worth the effort of foraging the fruit in this way.


365 day 102 Sarphatipark

Thanks to the watertolerant group who joined me to herb walk in Sarphatipark today. We found lots of useful herbs and also interesting park workers who told us how the park is maintained by a dynamic group of volunteers and is trying innovative edible approaches to eradicate Japanese knotweed. Above is a park warden, pictured by the enormous Jerusalem artichokes which are being used to keep knotweed at bay. When the invasive plant is removed, the ground can quickly turn into a home for other unwelcome invaders or can see the return of knotweed. Using Jerusalem artichoke, another rapidly growing and spreading plant, can provide tasty tubers and quash the knotweed. So far so good!

I was also reassured to learn that the Ginkgo trees I’m so fond of in parts of Our Zuid are indeed female and yield plentiful Ginkgo nuts. Amsterdam is fortunate to have such edible plant loving folk in its green spaces team.

The plants I remember finding today are listed as tags to this entry. The spreading soft leaved plant which looked quite like Agrimony but wasn’t, was indeed a cinqefoil, called Silverweed previously called (Potentilla anserina) but now reclassified as Argentina anserina . It is shown above and it is edible. If you were on the walk and can remember other plants which I have missed from the tag list then please let me know.

Thanks again to everyone who joined me. It was a real pleasure to walk around with you. If you signed up but were not brave enough for the wet weather, remember there are always trees to shelter under next time 🙂