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365 Frankendael day 7

Greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus, NL Stinkende gouwe) is a plant that is very obvious at the moment. It belongs to the poppy family and its leaves certainly resemble those of other members of that family.  The plant is a perennial and spreads easily by seed.  It is considered an invasive garden pest by many, but not herbalists.

This herb is not one for the dinner plate as it contains several alkaloids which are toxic.  It can cause irritation to mucous membranes, if used innapropriately and shouldn’t be used by pregnant women or those with impaired liver function.  It is generally used only externally.

The orange-yellow sap from within the stems of Greater Celandine, is a really useful wart remedy.  Simply cut a stem and apply a few drops of the juice directly onto the wart.  Do this a couple of times daily and soon the wart should begin to disappear.  Continue use until the wart has gone completely.   To maintain a supply of this valuable remedy when the plant is no longer available outside, you could make a tincture and use a few drops of that in place of fresh sap.

The plant in the photo is in a patch of waste land, right on the outside edge of Park Frankendael. There are plenty of Greater Celandine plants within the park and throughout Amsterdam at present.