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365 Frankendael day 126

Here’s a tree that a couple of people have taken photos of this week, saying that it could be a French nut tree. I think the leaves look rather like a Cigar Tree and the nuts look rather like Pistachios. I can’t find the name of it at the moment, but post it incase anyone who sees this knows it. Please let me know if you do.

Thank you to Youko and Dennis for the photos. Dennis found the tree in the top photo within Park Frankendael and Youko found the te in the other two in Oost Amsterdam.

365 Frankendael day 121

Here’s a beautiful fungus (not for foraging or eating!) and a stem of Bramble (NL: Bramen), which I saw in the park on Friday. The bramble is the mother of blackberries, which are not in the photo but are totally in season here in Amsterdam, right now. I love them, eat them straight from the bush (high up and if clean) and could take photos of them everyday but other people may get bored of seeing them, hence the fungus photo today.

Here is a photo sent to me by Youko yesterday. It’s some of the Plantain seed spikes (Plantago major) which I took over to her place when we had a lunch appointment. I think it looks really beautiful. Thanks Youko!

If you would like to send me any photos of herbs and edibles which are currently in season in town, I’d love to receive them and post some of them on the blog. I always like to see and share what other people are finding in the city but especially now as I’m away for a short time and want to keep the 365 project alive. If you have any that you think may interest others, please email them as attachments to Lynn.shore@gmail.com. Thanks you!