Herbs and breastfeeding

Many herbs impact upon breast health, milk production and the health of babies.  Women who are pregnant or nursing should become aware of how herbs can impact upon themselves and their child.  Some herbs can reduce or stop milk flow (such as Sage); useful at the end of nursing or to reduce engorgement, less useful if you want a good milk flow!  Other herbs can increase milk flow (galactogogues).  Others can remedy problems such as blocked ducts, mastitis (such as Echinacea applied as a compress) and colic.

The best information I have found on the subject comes from Susun Weed.  Her book about herbs and the childbearing year contains lots of excellent information related to pregnancy, birth, postnatal recovery and nursing.  I highly recommend it if you want to be empowered with knowledge about how to be safe with herbs and babies.  There is a link to that book and others on these linked articles:

Susun Weed on Breastfeeding  part 1
Susun Weed on Breastfeeding part 2

There is also an interesting free e-book available from the Earth Mama Angel Baby website. It is a compilation of information about herbs and breastfeeding.  The information covers topics such as herbs which can boost milk supply, herbs which may help babies in certain ways and herbs which should be avoided.  The e-book is free to download and may be interesting to some of you so here’s a link photo: