Gathering Herbs in May

Here are a few tips on what to take with you, if you go foraging in Amsterdam, or anywhere else for that matter…

Paper bags
Fabric/plastic carrier bag
Rubber/gardening gloves (stinging nettles)
Small scissors (nettles/elderflower/processing herbs)
Sun hat
St. John’s wort oil (sun protection)
Aloe vera gel (sun burn remedy)
Layered clothing
Waterproof jacket
Sturdy shoes/boots
Long trousers and socks (Lymes disease)
Water for hand/plant washing
Plant ID guide book
Mini magnifying lens
Foraging book
Paper/book and pencil (samples, notes)
Bread/trail mix
Clean small glass jars with lids (for instant processing of herbs, pesto jars are a good size)
Olive oil and/or vodka (for filling the glass jars of herbs)

Of course you don’t have to take any of these things with you at all and the list is not exhaustive. But if you head out with foraging in mind, you may as well be prepared.

if you intend to forage some kind of root (such as Wild Carrot or Burdock) then something to dig them out with would be needed. I don’t usually harvest wild roots, for ecological, health and social reasons but if it’s your preference then pack a trowel or spade!


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