Thank you! 365 Frankendael day 37

A big thank you to all the lovely people who walked from Amstel Station to Park Frankendael, with me today, looking at Urban Herbs along the way. The Sun shone, Elder bloomed, Garlic Mustard lingered, Mugwort shimmered and Poison Hemlock (NL: Gevlekte scheerling) stood guard over the park.

At the end of the walk, two of our group ran off to help a man who had fallen from his bicycle. He had a bleeding nose and a graze. Lynne and Olga hunted for Plantain and Yarrow and sorted him out – What quick learners!

I’m looking forward to learning more about Aloe vera & egg shampoo, Danish Hawthorn recipes and more, from some of the walkers.

The photo (courtesy of Frank de Graaf) shows us gathered at the end of the walk, near useful Willow (Salix), Meadowsweet (Filependula ulmaria) and Poisonous Euphorbia.

I hope that everyone has fun, safely foraging for herbs and making good use of them. I also hope that we will have the chance to meet again, perhaps to take a more leisurely look in the woodland area of Frankendael.

The next Urban Herbology Walk will be in Frankendael Park and a very small stretch of the street beside it, rather than a roadside walk, it will be on Friday 8th June 2012.

Here are links to some information about wild carrot and wild parsnip for those who were asking about those plants.


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