Foraging in De Baarsjes

My thanks to Olia, Robin and Elodie, for inviting me over for a lunchtime forage, in a beautiful wild patch of De Baarsjes! We found lots of super edibles including Mugwort, Garlic Mustard, Plantain, Elderflower, Lime, Hops, Rosebay Willowherb, Wild Strawberry, Cinquefoil, Cats tail, Ground Elder and more.

We brewed up a flask of Elderflower tea as we walked and shared it, as we munched on homemade bread and just plucked herbs, here close to Metro 50 station de Vlugtlaan.

Olia & Robin joined my last herb walk from Amstel Station and they are based at a fantastic creative centre called Novel. Also Elodie, my friend and frequent foraging buddy.

What a great lunch!


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