365 day 69 Green Peace Walks

I’ve given myself a day away from Park Frankendael. I led three Herb walks in Amsterdamse Bos, for staff of Green Peace and wanted to share a photo of a plant from that location instead. Around 60 members of the staff joined me to look at some herbs found there and in central Amsterdam.  As ever I learned some interesting uses for plants from those attending, such as rubbing nettles on sore muscles, to increase the local circulation. Also that burned Chicory is still sometimes used to bulk up coffee before trading it internationally and how baking powder makes a good vegetable cleaner. Very interesting people. Thank you all for a lovely day!

So here’s my urban herb photo of the day, a lovely patch of Enchanters Nightshade (Circaea lutetiana) does grow plentifully in Frankendael and I identified it there yesterday but here’s some in de Bos. I hope you don’t mind the venue switch for today…

I found a lovely clump of Gypsy wort, growing on the edge of the canoe lake and am intrigued to know more about it’s uses and name. That plant also grows thoughout the city so I’ll have a hunt for it very soon.


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