365 Frankendael day 70

Today the council mowed many of my favourite herb-filled verges, in this part of Amsterdam. Often I worry about harvesting from such verges, trying to do it in a way that leaves no obvious trace. Then this happens and I stop worrying quite so much. The time chosen does allow for many herbs to seed beforehand but not all of them. Those beautiful Burdock plants were just a few weeks away from seeding and Mugwort was at it’s most beautiful and useful phase. At present, most people don’t know about those plants and they would soon have looked too straggly for many. The poison Hemlock which I watched for weeks, was cut to the ground in this mowing. Just before the seeds matured, so I see that as a positive thing. I’m also very appreciative that the green verges are managed so that they look very attractive for most of the year and thus are welcomed in the city.

Near the garden centre entrance of the park, mowing also occurred today but a healthy strip of growth was left. Here are photos from that area. Firstly Hedge Woundwort,

Stinging nettle
, setting seed,

Hemp Agrimony,

and Cleavers, in flower,


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