365 Frankendael day 105

I was on my way to meet a friend this lunchtime and didn’t want to arrive empty handed so stopped off at Park Frankendael to collect a little food for her. Both plants have been shown here many times but they still taste good and are still in season.


Firstly that delicious Copper Beech Hedge (Fagus sylvatica) that wraps around restaurant de Kas. Only the very young leaves are easily palatable and a good way to harvest them is by pinching the twiggy stem with finger and thumb mail. If the stem doesn’t break of instantly you are trying to harvest to fat along the twig. The best way I know to cook them is in a little olive oil and water with a clove if garlic. Summer covered for ten minutes and serve as a bitter side dish our unusual starter.


Next up is Plantain (Plantago major), rather than those lovely big leaves, try the seed stems. The easily removed seeds make a welcome green addition to boiled rice, quinoa, amaranth etc. Just add the clean seeds at the start of your regular grain cooking.


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