365 Frankendael day 106

Blackberries are now ripe enough to harvest in many scrubland locations. These were on the Hugo de Vrieslaan and they tasted great! The bramble season will continue for several weeks. The plants cunningly open their flowers gradually, allowing for birds to strip all the ripe berries one day only for more to be available, just a few days later.

Here is Wild Parsnip. The roots (which I wouldn’t forage for ecological and social reasons) are edible but the foliage is definately not and can make unwise foragers very ill.

These Elderberries are not yet ready to harvest and could give you a very sick stomach if you tried them now. They need to become a deep purple black colour. Some birds have begun stripping the elderberries from plants just as they turn pale red. I don’t notice that usually, perhaps it’s because so little fruit has ripened on the trees in general this year. Whatever the reason, I’m sure that when the mass of elderberries become ripe, there will be enough for everyone who fancies cooking them.

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