My students and friends are warmly invited to…
Sunday 31st January – 17:00 – 18:30

Druid Celebration of Imbolc – Online

We will greet (seeing how everyone is, saying hello!), then I will lead a short Ceremony (which will start at 17:15 – sundown) which everyone can participate in from the comfort of their homes. Then we will have a simple Eisteddfod

An Eisteddfod is a traditional Welsh gathering and is often quite competitive – where individuals take turns to present something that they have created or simply want to share with the others. Ours will not be competitive but it should be fun! Classically these sharings are read pieces of literature, poems, playing tunes, singing etc. They are lovely events which celebrate creative expression. Do not feel that to join in the Imbolc celebration, you must also have something to share, but feel free to do so, if it so moves you!

For the ceremony, please have a candle at the ready.

Those following my courses, may like to read through the course unit about Imbolc before attending. I will update it again, in the days leading up to Imbolc.

Link will be added here a few days before the event

Mid Winter Foraging
Oh yes, it is possible to forage something tasty year-round here!
1:1 socially distanced guided foraging walks possible
Amsterdam Oost – Park Frankendael – Flevopark area
One hour-ish
€30 per person
Apprentices Free, UH Foraging and UH Crafting Students €15
Handout provided. Join to find out what is and will be in season for ethical urban foraging through the winter!
Email Lynn for availability

Urban Herbology Meetup group
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Coming up
Workshops – for UH Foraging, Crafting and Apprenticeship students

Urban Foraging Walks – Spring, summer, autumn and winter, public and UH students

Private bookings (next availability: late December 2020)

Foraging in the green edges of Amsterdam

Workshops and Walks
Urban Herbology walks and workshops enable people to connect with their local landscape and learn about how to forage and use the incredible edible and medicinal plants which surround us.

Lynn Shore has been enthusiastically teaching Urban Herbology foraging and crafting skills in Amsterdam for the past 10 years and she would love to pass on some of her knowledge and skills to you! For her background, see the About page.

Please use the contact form below if you would like a personally tailored event.