Workshops and Walks
Lynn Shore has been teaching ethical urban foraging and crafting skills in Amsterdam since 2010, and she would love to pass on some of her knowledge and skills to you! Her events enable people to connect with their local landscape and learn about how to forage and use the incredible edible and medicinal plants which surround us. Handout provided. All welcome!

More information about my approach to foraging

(Please use the contact form below if you would like to book a 1:1, 1:2 or personally tailored event for your business group)

Information about Herbalists Without Borders Amsterdam events

Friday 23rd December 2022
Winter Herbology WalkPark Frankendael, Amsterdam
10.00 – 11.30

Saturday 7th January
Winter Herbology WalkPark Frankendael, Amsterdam
09:30- 11:00

Thursday 9th February
Earliest Spring Herbs WalkPark Frankendael, Amsterdam
10:00 – 11:30

€15 per person, Further details and Booking via Meetup
[My apprentices should contact me by email they wish to attend for free]

Foraging for Mental Health
Workshops – Central Amsterdam
Exploring how gently engaging with, and foraging in, your local environment can help to improve mental health. Learn about the mental health benefits of some key seasonal local herbs, biophillia, try organoleptic tea tasting and far more. This is the second year of offering these workshops in conjunction with Mediamatic. They are part of Mediamatic’s Mental Health programme and I am honoured to be able to offer them.
24th January 2023 15:00-17:00 @mediamatic
11th March 2023 15:00-17:00 @mediamatic
Booking via Mediamatic. Full price €35 | Discount price € 25

Please join my Meetup group to see published dates straight away as I don’t keep a mailing list during the busy foraging season. Sometimes, it is possible to sign up without using Meetup but prepayment and same conditions apply.

1:1 €70 per person
1:2 €40 per person
Group walks €15 per person

Lynn also offers bespoke trainings for businesses, such as restaurants, bars and colleges. Please contact her directly by email to discuss possibilities.

[Please note that although I may show you a couple of local fungi/mushrooms on my walks, I offer herb walks. I am not the person to ask for a pure mushroom walk]

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Foraging in the green edges of Amsterdam