2012 Apprenticeships

I’ve been giving urban herb walks and workshops for some time now. After being asked for more from some of those who attend, and reflecting on the matter, I’ve decided to offer an Apprenticeship course which will begin this October. Those who join me on this journey will be shown ways to make use of and engage with, the the wild places in towns and cities. The course is open to anyone who yearns to learn such things, with someone to help them as they travel along the path and to be in the presence of a small supportive group, of other apprentices.

Whilst away on holiday, I slept on my ideas and the needs of those I meet in Amsterdam. From this I have written the syllabus. The course will cover Herbology and nature based spirituality topics, which I hope you will find interesting and relevant.

For details of the course please see the new Apprenticeship page and follow the link to look at the syllabus.

The course is planned for a maximum of 8 apprentices, meeting once a month, for one year (or 18 months if desired). The day of the week is yet to be finalized. I am planning on Mondays but if you have a strong desire to join me and another day in mind then let me know. 3 places are currently reserved. If you’d like to join me on this journey of self discovery and urban herbal wonders then please make contact.


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