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It’s a great time to try out my Urban Herbology Apprenticeship course! Try out the open units when you take a look inside. If you are looking to be empowered with safe herbal knowledge, increase your self-sufficiency and want to dive in and join, the programme is very flexible and there is no fixed obligation. This is a real course run by a real person with lots of experience and passion for getting you living in harmony with nature, wherever you live.

The course covers:

herbal crafting
ethical foraging
herb gardening
wise woman healing
wheel of the year
food and ferments
herbal remedies

There’s a lot in there! When the 4 core modules (first 4 listed above) are completed, a certificate of completion is awarded stating the skills gained in the course. We have a FB group, Zoom chats fortnightly, face-to-face workshops and walks in and around Amsterdam.

Take a look and let me know what you think. http://www.urbanherbology.orgwww.urbanherbology.org


New Events

Please check out the a Urban Herbology events page for details of my forthcoming herbal forays in Amsterdam.

Love Your EldersĀ  (Sunday 7th April)

365 Frankendael Urban Herb Walk (End April/Start May)

Embrace Your Weeds (June)

As well as details of the new Apprenticeship group and River of Herbs.

I’m also planning a spring picnic in the park for people who have helped me during theĀ  365 Frankendael project and a street herb walk in Bristol, later in the year.

365 Frankendael day 206

I had a lovely time with the Apprentice group this morning. We went out hunting for Chickweed and found some along with plenty of delicious Gallant Soldiers (Galinsoga parviflora) This pavement garden patch looked particularly vibrant and suited to a Colombian potato soup!


After the group had left I had another little wander around my neighbourhood and found the biggest patch of Chickweed (NL: Vogelmuur, Stellaria media), just 100m from my home. Here is a fraction of it. I feel a nourishing and skin calming Chickweed vinegar in the making…


365 Frankendael day 171

Today a photo of a fresh, beautiful and delicate plant which is a gift to the urinary system. This is Pennsylvania Pelitory (Paretaria pennsylvanica).

The first Urbanherbology Apprentice group meet for the first time today – what a joy to meet and share with those lovely gifted people! We made simple tinctures from this plant, in the woods of Frankendael and by coincidence saw my neighbour and her dog Tobias (my inspiration for learning about this plant) as we walked to the harvest site.


We found many other lovely, useful plants this morning. Ground ivy (Glechoma hederaceae), Marsh mallow (Althaea officinalis) and Himalayan balsam being amongst them. Here’s a link to a useful old text entry, about Ground ivy.

One topic of conversation was Wild carrot (Daucus carota), it’s traditional uses and recent related research. Here’s a link particularly for the apprentices – it will lead you to you to a little more information about the plant, including Robin Rose Bennet’s informative article and also by coincidence, a photo of the black rose hips and the unfortunately named Birthwort, both were mentioned whilst we walked. I’m really looking forward to hearing how you all get on this month!

2012 Apprenticeships

I’ve been giving urban herb walks and workshops for some time now. After being asked for more from some of those who attend, and reflecting on the matter, I’ve decided to offer an Apprenticeship course which will begin this October. Those who join me on this journey will be shown ways to make use of and engage with, the the wild places in towns and cities. The course is open to anyone who yearns to learn such things, with someone to help them as they travel along the path and to be in the presence of a small supportive group, of other apprentices.

Whilst away on holiday, I slept on my ideas and the needs of those I meet in Amsterdam. From this I have written the syllabus. The course will cover Herbology and nature based spirituality topics, which I hope you will find interesting and relevant.

For details of the course please see the new Apprenticeship page and follow the link to look at the syllabus.

The course is planned for a maximum of 8 apprentices, meeting once a month, for one year (or 18 months if desired). The day of the week is yet to be finalized. I am planning on Mondays but if you have a strong desire to join me and another day in mind then let me know. 3 places are currently reserved. If you’d like to join me on this journey of self discovery and urban herbal wonders then please make contact.