365 Frankendael day 206

I had a lovely time with the Apprentice group this morning. We went out hunting for Chickweed and found some along with plenty of delicious Gallant Soldiers (Galinsoga parviflora) This pavement garden patch looked particularly vibrant and suited to a Colombian potato soup!


After the group had left I had another little wander around my neighbourhood and found the biggest patch of Chickweed (NL: Vogelmuur, Stellaria media), just 100m from my home. Here is a fraction of it. I feel a nourishing and skin calming Chickweed vinegar in the making…


4 thoughts on “365 Frankendael day 206

  1. We have chickweed running rampant around our potted babies…it gets a lot of water there and seems to thrive. Might just have to try that delicious looking soup 🙂


  2. I learned so much today Lynn! Just reading through the notes. I forgot to bring you your seeds from Mel, let me know if you need them before we next meet!


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