365 Frankendael day 207

Today a damp walk around and lots of edibles still easily harvested in Amsterdam.

The first is a treepit loaded with Nasturtium and Calendula.


Next, a healthy looking patch of Stinging Nettle, beside the park.


A bonsai style Hogweed (most likely the non-edible type). It looks as though this one was determined to proliferate, despite repeated mowings in Park Frankendael.


Here’s a little Chickweed, growing under the playground railings.


Malva, nestled beside a landscaping rock, alongside Restaurant de Kas.


Ground ivy, beside another such rock.


And lastly, one of the most plentiful wild food trees in town, Copper Beech, definitely not looking tasty at the moment – well past it’s best. I’ll have to wait until spring to harvest the delicate new leaf buds, again. But there are plenty other tasty things available, all through the winter.



1 thought on “365 Frankendael day 207

  1. No WONDER our chook has been eating the leaves from Steves newly planted out dwarf beech! I didn’t realise that the leaves were edible. I knew that some species had edible nuts (cobs) but not the leaves…methinks its time to make it chook proof!


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